THE DOG PADDLE provides a variety of services for dogs that include hydrotherapy, massage therapy, and swim sessions for dogs that simply enjoy the water.

Swimming Sessions

Our sessions include 25 minutes of training. However, the length and frequency will depend on the health and condition of your dog. This session is for dogs that enjoy the water. It is a wonderful non-strenuous exercise to condition, train, and build your stamina combined with fun. Hydrotherapy is great for dogs of all levels of fitness. We will devise an individual plan to fit their level of fitness and condition.


Our rehabilitation programs are designed to give your dogs the next benefits of their therapy. We offer the following treatment for conditions that include:

•    Aging dogs

•    Limited range of motion, balance, and flexibility

•    Muscle development

•    Orthopedic conditions

•    Arthritis

•    Hip dysplasia

•    And more.

Weight Loss

Our weight loss program is developed to help your dog shed the pounds in a healthy way. We provide an ongoing program to help your dog reach their ideal weight in a safe manner. All dogs under the weight loss program will have the opportunity to swim and join anytime.

It is important to note that all programs at THE DOG PADDLE will require a Vet Referral Form to be signed and completed by your vet.

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