Welcome to THE DOG PADDLE!

We are the premier canine center for hydrotherapy and activities. Whether your dog is overweight, recovering from an injury or surgery, or suffering from joint pain, we are here to help.

Our staff consists of a team of trained swimming trainers, physical therapists, and veterinarians that use the latest techniques in canine rehabilitation. Our mission is to provide you with a customized plan for your dog’s personal needs. The techniques we use include massage therapy, underwater treadmills, pools, and more.

Here at THE DOG PADDLE, we specialize in helping your dog regain their strength, improve their range of motion, and increase flexibility. We take our goals seriously as everyone who is involved at THE DOG PADDLE believes that no dog should ever be left behind.

We go beyond the box and look for efficient ways to reduce your dog’s anxiety and pain to help them restore their functionality and improve their quality of life. We aim to provide canine physical rehabilitation therapy, swimming classes, and dog daycare. All staff members are tried and true animal lovers who aim to treat every furry friend that walks our way.

Please feel free to contact us today for more information about what we have to offer.