3 Reasons Why You Should Let Your Dog Learn How to Swim

Do your dog love to swim or has taken an interest in lounging in the pool? For dogs who love to swim, water therapy has proven to be a great activity with tons of benefits all around. Swimming provides a great opportunity for dogs to release their energy and exercise.

Here are 3 reasons why you should let your dog learn how to swim.

Builds playtime and exercise

Exercise is the most obvious reason why swimming will benefit your dog. Dogs often have so much energy that they cannot release. This could be released through a number of activities that include swimming. Swimming will keep dogs of all ages happy and healthy and keep boredom at bay. When dogs swim, they are naturally able to adapt very quickly and enjoy the water.

What’s great about swimming with your dog is that you can also add more challenges and excitement to the activity. Toss a few balls and even a Frisbee that floats for our dog to chase around and fetch. This will make it all the more enjoyable as your dog can go swimming for hours on end.

Provides Stimulation

Dogs can easily get bored with the same everyday activities. Adding a variety of options to your daily activities will help keep your dog alert, happy, and focused. Use play time to help stimulate their minds and take advantage of when you can bring your dog to the pools to burn off energy and get that much-needed stimulation.

Allows Your Dog to Cool Down

During the extreme heat of the summer, dogs often have a hard time staying cool as they are not able to sweat the way humans do. Your dog will be able to cool off in the pool. Hydration is a must but pools will also keep their body temperatures at a comfortable level.


Be sure to consult your vet about your dog’s health and safety prior to enrolling for a swim. Let your dog enjoy the water and allow them to take in all the benefits it provides.