The Dog Paddle
Pet Health Food Store,
Dog Training
160 MacArthur Blvd, Bourne  - 508-759-9800

Yes... there's now no need to be burning up gas, darting
all over the place to get your pet's needs met.

We have it all for you at one spot with plenty of parking.

40 years of grooming experience, award winning trainer
one of the largest holistic pet health food store on the Cape and
Southern Ma.

How Did We Get The Name The Dog Paddle?

We had a regulation dog exercise pool at the shop.  Although
we cared for many senior and overweight dogs, we were
running out of store retail space for our food line and needed
more room.  

So, it was either move and break everything up or take over the
pool area which we did, now making us one of the largest Pet
Health Food Store around.

So there you have it...mystery solved
All At One Location