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As your number one premier canine rehabilitation hydrotherapy center, we are here to help you! Whether your dog is recovering from an injury, surgery, suffering from joint pain, or being overweight; we provide the services to help your pet.

With countless success stories at THE DOG PADDLE, hear how our canine rehabilitation therapies help dogs who suffer from pain and on the route to recovery.

We provide customized programs to suit your pet. All programs are prepared by our highly skilled staff that will take the whole-body approach to help your dog heal and build confidence. Whether you are looking for rehabilitation therapy, management, or simply want your dog to learn how to swim, our dog’s plan will be tailor-made.


Our pet’s program will be prepared to achieve the most effective and comprehensive results. We provide a range of plans that include simple techniques to reducing your dog’s anxiety, building their confidence, successful weightless, and more. We are here to help you through every step of your dog’s journey and whatever they may be facing.

Our process starts with you, your pet, and their veterinarian. We work together to determine what will best help your pet. We believe in body wellness as each swim session will analyze how your pet is feeling and how they are responding.

At THE DOG PADDLE, it’s all about dogs and how they can enjoy what they love to do. Our water therapists work to help alleviate the pain that many dogs suffer from. If you’re looking for an alternative or additional way to exercise your dog, check out THE DOG PADDLE for our swimming programs.

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